NRA Grade: AQ  “A pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on the candidate’s responses to the NRA-PVF Candidate Questionnaire and who does not have a voting record on Second Amendment issues.” This is the highest rating a non-incumbent candidate can receive.


Human Life PAC











Tactical Supply logo“It’s that time of year, when we as citizens must do our civic duty and vote in legislators and leaders who will uphold the US constitution. We are proud to endorse Michael Scott Brumback’s write-in campaign to unseat Norm Johnson (who somehow ran unopposed). Michael Scott Brumback is a constitutional lawyer, a veteran, and a man who will uphold his oath of office. This year is predicted to have record-low voter turnout, and every vote counts. If you live in the 14th District, please write-in “Michael Scott Brumback” (spelling has to be exact) and replace Norm Johnson with a constitutional legislator.”

~ Tactical Supply, Yakima