I am Michael Scott Brumback and I seek your support. I challenged the incumbent Norm Johnson in the primary, as a write-in candidate for State Representative for the 14th Legislative District, Position 1. My write-in campaign garnered enough votes to place me in the general election in November. I want to thank you for that support. Michael Scott Brumback

Most of my core beliefs are found in the Declaration of Independence. It is one of America’s gifts to the world if we’d only listen. Our Creator gave us all unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In terms of human worth, our Creator created us as equals. What we do after our creation is up to us. Government is to serve us, not vice versa.

Liberty, fiscal responsibility and constitutional principles are critical to prosperity. Government debt undermines prosperity and indentures our children. Public pensions are mismanaged. Excessive laws and regulations hamper businesses. The “good old boy” political system of perpetual government insiders has failed.

We need jobs for working people. My business experience counteracts government mismanagement. I fought Washington forest fires, prosecuted criminals, ran a business and served in the military. Family and faith are at my core. My focus is jobs, lower taxes, veterans’ and property rights, strong families, locally-controlled education, 2nd Amendment rights and strong businesses.

Mr. Johnson supported the Dream Act. I understand the sentiment to help children. That is an admirable aspiration, but the reality is that we have homeless veterans across the state and nation on our streets. Where is the establishment’s effort to address homeless veterans? Again, the establishment plays politics like rulers instead of serving those veterans who have served us. I feel strongly that our veterans have been forgotten (again) by the establishment. I will be a true friend and supporter of our veterans and make it a priority to address homelessness among our veterans.

I am married, have three children, and I am an Army veteran of over 28 years of service (10 years enlisted in Armor, rank of Staff Sergeant, and 18 years as a JAG officer, rank of Major). I am a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 379 (Yakima), member of the American Legion (Yakima), Life Member of Oath Keepers, Life Member of the NRA, in addition to having served as a prosecuting attorney in Yakima and a Judge Pro Tem in Yakima District Court. I am partner in the law firm of Hurst, Brumback & Brusic.

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I have a concealed pistol license. I have fought strenuously against unconstitutional assaults against our 2nd amendment rights. Mr. Johnson has not been strong enough in fighting against these assaults. For example, last year then-Senator Ed Murray (D) sought to introduce legislation that would have criminalized owning certain types of rifles and magazines and would have mandated that our sheriff DO HOME INSPECTIONS to ensure we citizens were storing our firearms according to government mandate! Are we children? This was an outrage and Mr. Johnson was not strong in opposition. When our constitutional rights are under assault, we need strong voices in opposition. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an unalienable individual right.

Government over-regulation is another area. I helped a general contractor on a case involving his remodel of an elderly couple’s bathroom. The contractor was to redo the floor, and to do that, he had to remove the toilet and replace it each day for the couple to use until the job was done. Well, an L&I inspector thought differently and said the removal of the toilet (no modification) was to engage in the profession of “plumbing” and he cited the contractor and halted the job. In the hearing, L&I’s position was that unhooking the cold water line to the toilet was to engage in “plumbing”. When asked if changing a showerhead or attaching a cold water line to a new refrigerator was plumbing, L&I said “yes”. All this over-regulation does is jack up the prices to an already over-taxed, over-regulated citizenry and to empower government to do meaningless, wasteful work.

I have ideas how to make our courts more efficient, build a stronger relationship with the Yakima Training Center, keep taxes low and freedom high.

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